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Northern Beaches Council Proposed Rate Increase for Rural Properties 2021

Update 18 June 2020

Council promised on 2 June that it would provide us with written response to our letter of 19 May, as of this post, we still await this letter.

Council’s CFO has written two memo to Councillors in regard our letter of 19 May 2020.

After considering the CFO’s memo of 15 June, we have again written to Councillors to query if Council’s FY21 budget complies with the Local Government Act.   Click on this link to download our 17 June letter to Councillors,Reply re Memo from CFO to Clr De Luca

Council will be debating the FY21 budget at its next meeting on Tues 23 June 2020, the agenda can be downloaded by clicking this link.

Our Previous Post

Click on this link to download our letter to Council dated 19 May 2020 Rate increases for Duffys Forest & Terrey Hills acreage from Council’s FY21 budget

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